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Dog walking and Cat visits

We will collect and transport your dog in our specially equipped air conditioned van with safe, secure crates.

Our walks take place around local areas, in open spaces which are safe, away from traffic, other animals and people.

Each walk lasts for a full 60-minutes. Travel time is our time not yours.

After the fun and before going into their homes, all our dogs are cleaned and dried thanks to our onboard cleaning equipment, so the only paw print is the one on our van.

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Dogs are naturally pack animals and socialisation is the best way to learn correct body language and behaviour with the other members of the group and other dogs that they may meet while on their walks.

Your dog will meet a wide range of dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Our Group walks are tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog to get the most enjoyment from them.

 At home, dogs can become bored and frustrated which can lead to destructive behavior through a lack of daily stimulation. Meeting and playing with other dogs helps to keep them happy and gives them mental stimulation so when they arrive back home they are calm content and ready for a nice relaxing sleep.

Pussy Cats


Cats are territorial animals and are happiest in their own environment. If you need someone to look after your cat(s) whilst you're not home and don't want to use a cattery, then 'Take Me Out Pet Services' can help.

​With our visit we give plenty cuddles and play time, give fresh food and water, change litter trays and give any medication if needed. We won't leave your house until we are happy everything is safe and secure so that you can relax and have nothing to worry about. Text updates can be sent for your peace of mind if needed and of course there is our instagram and facebook sites where we are constantly posting photos of your loved ones.

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