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Frequently asked questions

How do you transport the dogs?
 We will collect and transport your dog in our specially equipped air conditioned van with safe secure crates.


Will you walk the dogs off their leads?

 All dogs are exercised on a lead at first. Once we get to know each other well enough and you are happy for them to be let off the lead, they can run and enjoy playing with the group in a safe controlled environment.

We will need your written permission for this. 


Are you insured?
 We are fully covered with specialist dog walking insurance including key cover.

Our insurance cover note is available on request.

Have you had any aggressive dogs on walks?
 All dogs are initially walked on a trial basis to ensure that their behaviour towards other dogs is satisfactory and 

body language is watched very carefully.

We don’t take aggressive dogs on our walks as we want everyone to be happy and have a great time.


What happens if there is an emergency?
 Once we have met you and your dog we ask you to fill out a information form which covers emergency contact  including a separate contact number other than your own, your vet


Do your services cater for all dog breeds?

 We take each dog on its own merit, not on reputation of particular breeds and each new dog is subject to a trial period to make sure everyone is happy.  



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