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 Puppy visits 

Are you thinking about a new pup and need someone to take care of them whilst you're not home?

  This is a very sensitive time and human contact is absolutely essential during this early stage in your puppies life.

After being taken from their mother and pack, they crave company, attention and stimulation. With 'Take Me Out' puppy visits, we will spend time with your puppy, playing and comforting them. as well as helping you in reinforcing their toilet training, letting them out in the garden and giving lots of encouragement and praise.


Once they’re ready and old enough, we can move onto short walks if you’d like us to, this can involve meeting other pups to help with socialising as well as other slightly older dogs which are a great way of teaching the younger ones in the pack.

During their time with us, we will also ensure they are getting plenty of fresh air and exercise in order to develop their physical fitness and social skills with pleanty of praise too before leaving them relaxed, content and sleepy.

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