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Your loved ones
A new family addition
Cats and small animals

Help with dog walking can free up valuable time in these busy days. 

Whether your dog is shy and timid and needs one-to-one attention, or whether they would benefit from socialising in a group, we can ensure they get just the right exercise and care to make them absolutely love their time with us.

Puppy visits

Are you getting a new pup and need someone to take care of them whilst you're at work or otherwise occupied ?

Having regular human contact is essential during this crucial time in your puppies development. Let us help you make sure that your puppy is having their needs met.

Cat visits

Cats are territorial animals and are happiest in their own environment.

A Visit by 'Take Me Out' avoids the stress of a stay in a strange place. 

We don't just feed them but spend time with your cats, playing with them and giving them love and affection in your absence. 

If you think your Pets are the best, 
let them meet the Best Dog Walkers in Newcastle

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